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Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government$1,000,000

The Australian Government granted $1,000,000 in funding support for Stage 2 of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum. This funding was allocated to the Museum’s Reception Centre and completion of a Business Plan & Feasibility Study and administered through the Federal Government’s Better Regions Funding Program.

Regional Development Australia Fund—$216,963

The Australian Government granted $216,963 in dollar-for-dollar funding support for Stage 2 of the the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum. This funding was allocated to the Museum's Staff & Volunteer Amenities Building and administered through the Regional Development Australian Fund.

Queensland Tourism Infrastructure Fund—$395,500

The Australian Government granted $395,500 in dollar-for-dollar funding support for Stage 3.1 of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum project. This funding was allocated to the Museum's Outdoor Galleries Project and administered through the Queensland Tourism Infrastructure Fund.


Q150 Legacy Infrastructure Program—$500,000
The Queensland Government granted funding support for Stage 1 of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum as part of Queensland’s 150th birthday celebrations. This contribution allowed for the construction of two staff buildings, the fossil preparation Laboratory and water and power infrastructure at the Museum site.

Significant Regional Projects Fund—$300,000

This funding was contributed over three years towards employment of senior management.

Gambling Community Benefit Fund—$82,000
Funding was granted over five years enabling the purchase of dig equipment, display cabinets, fossil preparation tools, office equipment, printing and photography equipment and renovation of the caretaker’s accommodation building.

Queensland Museum—In-kind
Unwavering support for the Australian Age of Dinosaur Museum through hands-on advice on the Museum collection, laboratory operations, dinosaur digs, and scientific guidance for research and publications. 

Department of Main Roads—In-kind
In-kind contribution of 50% of cost of Landsborough Highway turnoff to Museum including bitumen on overtaking and turning lanes, drainage culverts and line marking. 

Department of Correctional Services—In-kind
Museum site labour contribution through the Winton Work Camp including the erection of 12 km of new fencing, walking tracks, guard railing and helping to set up collection, display and fossil preparation Laboratory facilities. 

Queensland Parks & Wildlife Service—In-kind
Provision of equipment and advice for the control of prickly acacia on The Jump-Up.


Winton Shire Council—$850, 000 plus other contributions
The Winton Shire Council has made numerous contributions toward development the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum including the shared cost of overtaking and turning lanes at the Landsborough Highway and the design and construction of 11 km of gravel road all the way to the top of The Jump-Up. They have supported the Museum in many activities and have supplied equipment and machinery for the dinosaur digs each year. Most recently the Council has made contributions to the Staff & Volunteer Amenities Building project and the Stage 3.1 Outdoor Galleries project.


Desert Channels Queensland—$54,000
DCQ have sourced funding for several projects on The Jump-Up. Initial funds were provided for fencing materials to fence out feral and domestic animals and chemicals for the spraying of noxious weeds. They have also sourced funding towards the construction of walking trails, safety rails and natural heritage interpretive signage.

BHP Billiton Cannington—$250,000
BHP Billiton Cannington funded the installation of projectors and sound absorption panels for the Reception Centre's Collection Room, along with a 10-minute presentation video on Winton's dinosaurs for visitors. The video was derived from a 43-minute documentary produced on DVD called Monsters in the Outback.

SAPPHIRE SUPPORTERS—$200,000 to $500,000 | Top

The Britton Family
In September 2006 the Britton Family from Mt Landsborough donated 1,472 hectares of The Jump-Up to AAOD as the site of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History. Following difficulties in establishing a road up the sides of The Jump-Up, they donated a further 329 hectares in 2008 which enabled the present road to be built. This incredible gift from Peter and Carol Britton and their children secured the future of the Museum. 

David and Judy Elliott and Family
David and Judy Elliott are the founders of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs and played a key role in the organisation's development following its inception in 2002. They have organised and run the Museum's dinosaur digs since 2003 and operated the fossil preparation facility when it was based at their property Belmont between 2006 and 2009. David and Judy publish the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal each year, run the AAOD Society and work full time in a pro bono capacity towards completing the three-stage development of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History.

OPAL SUPPORTERS—$100,000 to $200,000 | Top

Cox Rayner
Cox Rayner Architects have provided concept designs for the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum and all design, architecture and detailed drawings for the Reception Centre building free-of-charge. Company Director Michael Rayner has been actively helping to raise funds for the Museum's building projects since 2008.

Bill Wavish and Family
Bill Wavish and his family have been major contributors to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs fossil preparation Laboratory with cash donations to employ a full time fossil preparator in 2009/10 as well as supplying preparation tools, tables and other equipment. Bill has also provided funds for life-sized digital prints of Australovenator skeleton elements and in 2011/12, sponsored the Sydney Chapter of the AAOD Society. The family has also made a large donation to enable an exhibition in the Stage 3.1 Outdoor Galleries. 

Denise O'Boyle
Denise has made regular and significant cash donations since 2006, the latest being as Lab Patron for 2011 to 2015 inclusive, donating $25,000 each year to support the Laboratory work. Denise has also made a large donation to enable an exhibition in the Stage 3.1 Outdoor Galleries. She has also attended every dig the Museuem has held using her practical experience as a Queensland Museum Volunteer to make important contributions both to the digs and fossil preparation activities each year. 

John Villiers Trust

The John Villiers Trust has granted $110,00 over two years to fund the Minmi dinosaur exhibition in the Stage 3.1  Outdoor Galleries. This adds to the the trust's previous grant for creation of the Banjo bronze sculpture at the Reception Centre.

PLATINUM SUPPORTERS—$50,000 to $100,000 | Top

Norton Rose Fulbright Australia
Norton Rose Fulbright Australia has taken care of AAOD’s legal requirements pro bono since 2006. This includes reorganisation of the AAOD corporate structure to a company limited by guarantee and a Society of members. They have also attended to the conveyance of land following the property donation by the Britton Family and have been instrumental with professional advice on indemnity insurances, trade marking and corporate business principals. In 2014 they provided legal services for establishment of the AAOD Legacy Fund and AAOD Legacy Fund Limited

Kevin Maloney, The Mac Services Group Limited
In 2009 Kevin Maloney of ‘The Mac’ generously donated two 40’ long demountable buildings for use as accommodation for our honorary fossil preparators and caretakers. This was followed by the donation of steel and bathroom fixtures for renovations of the buildings in 2010, along with a 40’ steel shipping container for equipment storage.

JLM Transport and Logistcs
Kevin Maloney’s Family Company JLM Transport generously relocated the two donated 40’ demountable buildings from Nebo in Queensland’s Central Highlands all the way out to The Jump-Up free-of-charge. This was followed by the relocation of a 40’ container from Mackay to The Jump-Up following its donation by ‘The Mac’ in 2010.

Ergon Energy
In 2008 Ergon Energy contributed a significant discount on the cost of constructing a power line to The Jump-Up as part of the Stage 1 construction project. This was followed in 2010 with the full cost of power line extensions for Stage 2's  Reception Centre being waived as a contribution to the project.

Noble Resources

Noble Resources, through Rex Littlewood, have made a generous donation to the Stage 3.1 Outdoor Galleries project. 

GOLD SUPPORTERS—$20,000 to $50,000 | Top

Queensland X-Ray
Queensland X-ray at the Mater Private Hospital in Mackay has provided open access to their state-of-the-art CT scanning equipment. This equipment creates 3D digital x-ray files that allow us to see and research the fossil bones including otherwise inaccessible internal structures. We have scanned all of our Australovenator wintonensis (Banjo) fossils and the data has already proved essential for several research projects. Special thanks go to Ian Pengelly and Sarah Woolridge at Queensland X-ray for for their tireless assistance.

DLA Phillips Fox
DLA Phillips Fox provided professional advice on builder engagement methodologies to ensure that construction of Stage 2 of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum Reception Centre was relevant to existing circumstances and acceptable to all parties. This work was part of a pro bono contribution that included the hands-on development,  presentation and signing of a legal building contract.

Queensland Airports Limited
Dennis Chant and his fantastic team at Queensland Aiports Limited donated and installed two 25 KVA generators as an in-kind contribution to the Staff & Volunteer Amenities Building project, which also included a car port for Maloney Lodge and generator for the Laboratory.

Hoffmann Surveyors
Hoffmann Surveyors mapped out new boundaries to include further land donations from the Britton Family of Mt Landsborough in 2008 and prepared documents to amalgamate this land into a single lot. They were also involved in surveying the building site of the Reception Centre free-of-charge as their contribution to the project. 

Grant Thornton
Grant Thornton Accountants generously reduced the cost of a business plan and feasibility study as a contribution to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Project. 

Tom Williams

Tom Williams made a significant donation towards keeping the fossil preparation facility operating in the early days when it was based at Belmont Station.

Robert Proefke
Robert Proefke is the Museum's longest-serving honorary preparator.  He spent two years working in the fossil preparation facility while it was based at Belmont. He helped set up the new fossil preparation Laboratory on The Jump-Up in 2009 where he worked as a full-time volunteer for six months.

SILVER SUPPORTERS—$10,000 to $20,000 | Top

Black Toyota
Black Toyota provided a 4x4 twin cab Toyota utility as an Australian Age of Dinosaurs company car.

Port of Brisbane Corporation
In 2006 the Port of Brisbane Corporation donated two insulated containers to house the Museum’s fast-growing fossil collection and, when these were filled in 2009, they donated a second two. These containers play an important role in providing a secure, temperature controlled storage area for the Museum collection. 

Enhance Corporate
Under the guidance of Hon Sam Doumany, Enhance Corporate helped the Museum to develop working partnerships and enlisted the pro bono support of several Australian corporate businesses.

Australian Geographic Society
In 2006 the Australian Geographic Society held an ‘in store’ campaign which raised over $16,000 towards the Museum’s dinosaur fossil preparation work. 

Corfield & Fitzmaurice WTDC
This Winton-based volunteer organisation made a huge contribution to the Museum in the early days by looking after its fossil displays in the historic Corfield and Fitzmaurice building in Winton. They also helped the Museum raise funds through the sale of merchandise and in 2009 donated two large mobile air conditioners for the fossil preparation Laboratory on The Jump-Up. 

Deloitte Business Solutions
Deloittes made a valuable contribution in 2006 through their pro bono work on a AAOD concept plan and the completion of documents towards obtaining funding for the Stage 1 of the Museum. 

QANTASLINK has flown representatives from supporting organisations to Western Queensland to inspect the Museum project free-of-charge since 2006. Their support has enabled the development of many important working relationships within corporate Australia.

David and Prue Strang
David and Prue Strang have made numerous in-kind contributions to the Museum construction projects on The Jump-Up including fencing, earthmoving and weed eradication as well as providing meals and accommodation for volunteers. They have also made significant cash donations towards various projects on The Jump-Up. 

Bruce and Helen Collins
Bruce and Helen Collins have donated both cash and equipment to Australian Age of Dinosaurs and Bruce has made a significant contribution to the Museum’s governance and construction projects on The Jump-Up. 

Kylie Piper
Kylie worked pro bono for six months as the Museum'ss Project Coordinator in 2007 and played a significant role in the initial development stages of The Jump-Up.

Sharon and Peter Jamieson
Sharon and Pete Jamieson looked after all of the catering for the 2009, 2011 and 2013 dinosaur dig free-of-charge.

BRONZE SUPPORTERS—$5,000 to $10,000 | Top

O’Regan & Partners Chartered Accountants
Peter O’Regan and his team have attended to AAOD’s accounting requirements in a pro bono capacity since 2008. They also provided invaluable assistance during the restructuring of the organisation to a company limited by guarantee in September 2008.

The Remote Area Planning and Development Board organised a successful forum for AAOD at Government House in early 2008. In the months that followed they enlisted the support of all seven RAPAD Shires as Corporate Foundation Members of Australian Age of Dinosaurs Ltd. 

Dennis Guy and his team at InterRISK have provided free insurance brokerage services since 2009 and have made a very important contribution towards ensuring AAOD’s obligations in this regard are being met.

Port of Townsville Limited
In 2009 the Port of Townsville donated a 20’ shipping container to house the Museum's laboratory air compressor and pneumatic fossil preparation equipment. This was installed as part of the new fossil preparation Laboratory on The Jump-Up.

Winton Plumbing Services
Winton Plumbing built the Museum's fossil preparation Laboratory and staff cottages in 2009 and made numerous monetary discounts to their expenses to help get the construction completed on budget. They have also made cash donations as a further contribution to the Museum.

Jim and Maxine MacMillain
Jim and Maxine MacMillan have made numerous trips out to Winton to work on the AAOD Project and have made several cash contributions towards the organisation's objectives and capital expenses, such as the Laboratory.

Lucretia Wheeler
Lucretia Wheeler played an important role in establishing a new book-keeping procedures for AAODL. As Company Secretary she assisted the Company’s annual reporting and Annual General Meeting  obligations in a pro bono capacity and was involved in AAODL’s fund-raising activities in 2009 - 2010. 



Action Graphics P/L (2008) Australian Geographic Society (2008) Blackall - Tambo Regional Council (2008)
Barcaldine Regional Council (2008) Barcoo Shire Council (2008) Boulia Shire Council (2008)
Diamantina Shire Council (2008) Longreach Regional Council (2008) Australian Carbon Assets Pty Ltd (2014)
Winton Shire Council (2008) Cox Rayner Architects (2008) Econnect Communications (2008)
Landmark Operations Limited (2008) The MAC Services Group Limited. Culture & Tourism Division (2008) Mobbs & Co (2008)
Port of Brisbane Corporation (2008) Queensland Airports Limited (2008)  Remote Area Planning & Development Board (2008)
Tanamera Resources (2015)    



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