Dissimilar foot
Jurassic (201.3–145mya)

Ichnospecies in Australia
Not specified.

Ichnospecies meaning

Origin and other locations 
Originally named and described by Edward B Hitchcock in 1848 in the USA, they have also been identified in Europe and Africa.

Australian use and location
Carnarvon Gorge Qld (Thulborn 1994) and Mount Morgan Qld (Cook et al. 2010).

Named because of the disparity between the shapes of the fore and hind prints. Hind prints have three toes, and the foreprints have five fingers.

They represent an ornithopod (oldest proof of an ornithopod in Australia, as they are found in Jurassic rocks, both of these locations are similar in age). At the Mount Morgan location they are very common, ranging from 5cm to 27cm long). The examples from Carnarvon Gorge are small, averaging at about 7cm long.

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