The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum is 24km south-east of Winton, a town of 1,000 residents in Outback Queensland, and 600km south-west of Townsville. Visitors travelling from Longreach will drive north-west along the Landsborough Highway for 164km before turning left in to Dinosaur Drive. From the highway, it is a further 11km to the Museum on a sealed road. 

The Museum is located on top of a large mesa named The Jump-Up and is accessible to all types of cars, vans and coach buses. Most caravans can be towed to the top of the mesa. The Museum provides an unhitching area at the base of the mesa for visitors towing a caravan with a small 2WD vehicle.

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Lot 1 Dinosaur Drive

PO Box 408

Winton Qld 4735  |  MAP IT 


Can I take my caravan to the Museum?

YES. The Museum is located 11km from the Landsborough Highway turnoff. The road to the Museum is sealed and caravans can be towed up The Jump-Up. There is a caravan unhitching area at the foot of The Jump-Up if you are towing with a small 4WD car or do not want to take your caravan up the steep ascent. To take your caravan up The Jump-Up, drive to the conditions in low gear and park in the designated area in the Reception Centre car park. 

Can I take my dog/ cat to the Museum?

YES. While the Museum is considered a nature reserve and has a philosophy of respecting and appreciating the flora and fauna – animals are welcome to stay in the Museum's pet kennels. Located in the Reception Centre car park, it is the perfect place to leave your pet while you enjoy a tour of the Museum. Pets are not allowed into the Museum, including the Collection Room, Laboratory and Dinosaur Canyon. The only exception is an official Blind Foundation Guide Dog which may accompany their owner everywhere they go. 

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