Embedding itself in the landscape, the Museum form is an organic response to both the functional requirements of the plan and the more ephemeral characteristics of the site such as views, vegetarian, sunlight and topography. 


The future Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History will be located about 2km further along The Jump-Up from the Reception Centre. The building will be 7,000 square metres, of which 1,800 square metres will be exhibitions. The rest will be divided between public space, gift shop and cafe facilities. The Museum has been modelled on the same red-rock and rust themes of the Reception Centre, with jagged landforms and vivid earth textures marrying the invincible colours of deep time with the luxury and beauty of modern, world-class building. The building is to be completed by 2025. 



7,000 square metre Museum building excluding exhibition, administration and education spaces

Climate-controlled fossil collection room, prep laboratories and holotype room

500 - visitor capacity 'Australia Through Time' gallery

Construction and fitout period of 20 months 

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