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16 April 2024 - A dozen new sauropod specimens described at Winton dinosaur museum, The North West Star

12 April 2024 - Young researcher leads identification of new sauropod dinosaurs in outback Queensland, ABC Western Queensland

10 April 2024 - A dozen new giant sauropod dinosaur specimens described in Australia, Cosmos Magazine

10 April 2024 - 3D imaging helps identify Australian dinosaur species, ABC RN Breakfast

10 April 2024 - 12 new dinosaurs are making their way into QLD's history books, ABC Radio Brisbane

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13 April 2023 - Synchrotron techniques reveal structural details of fossilised fragment of a rare Australian dinosaur skull, ANSTO

13 April 2023 - Rare Aussie Dinosaur Skull Fragment’s Structure Revealed by Synchrotron TechniquesThe Mirage

13 April 2023 - Australia’s most complete sauropod skull reveals link with dinosaurs in South America via Antarctica, Cosmos Magazine

12 April 2023 - Near-complete skull of 'enormous' dinosaur found in outback Queensland, researchers confirm,

12 April 2023 - Dinosaur skull found in Queensland belonged to sauropod that roamed almost 100m years ago, The Guardian

12 April 2023 - First near-complete sauropod dinosaur skull found in Australia hints at ancient links between continents, The Conversation

12 April 2023 - 'Enormous' skull of 100-million-year-old dinosaur discovered in central Queensland revealing ancient secrets, Daily Mail

12 April 2023 - Almost-complete skull of Diamantinasaurus dinosaur discovered in western Queensland reveals ancient secrets, ABC News

12 April 2023 - Dinosaur skull reveals journey via warmer Antarctica, The West Australian

12 April 2023 - 95-million-year-old sauropod dinosaur skull first of its kind in Australia, Curtin University 

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15 July 2022 - Winton dinosaur museum unearths 100 million year old teeth, The North West Star

14 July 2022 - Rare sauropod dinosaur teeth uncovered in Australia, Phys Org

14 July 2022 - Dinosaur dentures: as rare as a sauropod teeth, Cosmos

13 July 2022 - Rare dinosaur discovery in Australia investigated by scientists, Newsweek

13 July 2022 - Dinosaur teeth from Diamantinasaurus unearthed in outback Queensland, ABC Western Qld

13 July 2022 - 'Exceptionally rare': Australian scientists find 17 dinosaur teeth in Queensland, The Guardian

21 April 2022 - Winton dinosaur fossils identified as Australia's smallest sauropod, North Queensland Register

20 April 2022 - Dinosaur Jr Ollie is a hit in Winton, North West Star

19 April 2022 - The smallest sauropod has been found in

18 April 2022 - Australia's smallest sauropod dinosaur confirmed from fossils found in outback Queensland, ABC Western Qld

18 April 2022 - Meet Australia's SMALLEST sauropod! Adorable juvenile dinosaur nicknamed 'Ollie' measured just 36ft long when it died – around half the size of other specimens, Daily Mail

20 February 2022 - It’s confirmed. This 93-million-year-old crocodile once ate a dinosaur, albeit a juvenile one, The Print

18 February 2022 - Scientists Find 93-Million-Year-Old Crocodile That Ate Dinosaurs, Extreme Tech

16 February 2022 - Celebrating the public art splashed across our nation, The Maitland Mercury

16 February 2022 - 2022 Australian Street Art Awards: public art celebrates communities, The Canberra Times

15 February 2022 - Newly discovered Queensland crocodile 'ate young dinosaur for last meal', CNN

15 February 2022 - Dinosaur remains found in ancient crocodile’s tummy, Kids News

15 February 2022 - Winton 'broken dinosaur killer' croc has dinosaur in its stomach, North Queensland Register

13 February 2022 - Queensland attractions feature prominently in awards, Queensland Country Life

12 February 2022 - Crocodile ate dinosaur for its last meal as archaeologists hail 'world first' discovery, Daily Star

12 February 2022 - 'It's just extraordinary': Ancient crocodile's last meal may have been a dinosaur, ABC Western Qld

11 February 2022 - Ancient crocodile from Winton discovery announced, Leader Today

13 January 2022 - Australian Age of Dinosaurs honoured at museum awards, The North West Star

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10 July 2021 - Dinosaur Hunters, Courier Mail 

17 June 2021 - Dinosaur footprints reveal behaviour of prehistoric animals living near Winton 95 million years ago, ABC Western Qld

17 June 2021 - The march of the titanosaurs: the Snake Creek Tracksite unveiled, The Conversation 

9 June 2021 - Fossil fever: driving and digging in a long lost sea on Australia's dinosaur trail, The Guardian

14 May 2021 - Tourists flock to paleo attractions in outback Queensland, with new discoveries added to dinosaur trail, ABC Western Queensland 

12 May 2021 - Winton dinosaur museum launches new $4.9m exhibit, Courier Mail

11 May 2021 - Australian Age of Dinosaurs upgrades to drive tourists to WintonNorth Queensland Register

10 May 2021 - Winton's Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum receives $4.9 million in new additions, Australasian Leisure Management 

8 May 2021 - New upgrade at Winton Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum, North West Star

16 February 2021 - Fossil fans dug deep to decide dino should get Queensland nod, Brisbane Times

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26 October 2020 - Karoola Station's fossilised dinosaur footprints unearthed, relocated to Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum, ABC Western Qld

25 October 2020 - Giganitic bronze dinosaurs at Winton's Australian Age of Dinosaurs, The North West Star

19 June 2020 - Light pollution to be mapped during winter solstice on Sunday, Queensland Country Life

16 June 2020 - Grants for Mount Isa and Winton in Building Better Regions Fund, The North West Star

5 June 2020 - Maranoa MP secures $415,333 for works at Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, Hon David Littleproud MP

27 May 2020 - Winton's Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum to reopen in June, The North West Star

11 May 2020 - Western Qld tourism operators welcome COVID recovery roadmap, Queensland Country Life

14 April 2020 - Remember that one time when everyone was homeschooled? Echo Net Daily

7 April 2020 - Australian Age of Dinosaurs faces a tough winter, The Weekly Times

15 January 2020 - Dinosaur discovery: Largest carnivorous dinosaur to walk Australia discovered, Express

15 January 2020 - T.rex's creepy cousin: Terrifying the dinosaur with huge claws and serrated razor sharp teeth is unearthed in the Australian outback, Daily Mail

15 January 2020 - Australian scientists announce the discovery of a new dinosaur in Queensland,

15 January 2020 - New theropod dinosaur discovered in western Queensland, Nine News

15 January 2020 - Winton dinosaur field reveals biggest carnivorous dinosaur ever found in Australia, ABC News

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11 November 2019 - Outback operators big winners at Queensland tourism awards, North Queensland Register

9 November 2019 - Outback strikes gold at Queensland Tourism Awards, The North West Star

4 November 2019 - Crikey! Winton's dinosaur attraction takes out top tourism gong, Morning Bulletin

3 November 2019 - Winton Australian Age of Dinosaurs hometown winner at Outback Tourism Awards, The North West Star

3 November 2019 - Best of west honoured at Outback tourism's night of nights, Mirage News

14 October 2019 - Winton's Australian Age of Dinosaurs wins state award, The North West Star

4 October 2019 - Tutkijat löysivät Australiasta aiemmin tuntemattoman lentoliskolajin – ”Rautalohikäärme” eli ehkä 90 miljoonaa vuotta sitten, Tekniikan Maailma

4 October 2019 - Αυστραλία: Ανακαλύφθηκε απολίθωμα πτερόσαυρου 96 εκατ. ετών, Protothem

4 October 2019 - Открытый вид птерозавров на несколько миллионов лет пережил своих сородичей, Indicator

4 October 2019 - Découverte d'une nouvelle espèce de ptérosaure en Australie, Yahoo

4 October 2019 - Fish-hunting 'iron dragon' soared over Australia in age of dinosaurs,  KFGO

4 October 2019 - Researchers unearth 'iron dragon' of ancient Queensland outback, The Age

4 October 2019 - Swinburne student examines most complete winged-reptile discovery in Queensland, Swinburne University of Technology 

4 October 2019 - 4-metre flying reptile unearthed in Queensland is our best pterosaur fossil yet, The Conversation

4 October 2019 - 96M-year-old pterosaur nicknamed 'Butch' discovered in Australia, Fox News

4 October 2019 - Scientists discovered a new partial skeleton of pterosaur and promptly named it 'Butch', CNN

4 October 2019 - New 'iron dragon' pterosaur found in Australia, National Geographic 

4 October 2019 - Giant 'iron dragon' flying reptile with enormous jaws and razor-sharp teeth found in Australia, Independent

4 October 2019 - Huge prehistoric flying reptile that was bigger than a condor, had a 13-foot wingspan and lived 96 million years ago is discovered in Australia, Daily Mail

4 October 2019 - Reseachers unearth 'iron dragon' of ancient Queensland outback, The Sydney Morning Herald

4 October 2019 - Fossilised partial skeleton of new flying reptile species found in Queensland, The Guardian

4 October 2019 - A new pterosaur, or prehistoric flying reptile species, has been discovered in outback Queensland, ABC Western Qld

21 May 2019 - Winton declared Australia's first Dark Sky Sanctuary as astro-tourism grows, ABC

19 May 2019 - Reaching for the stars, Sunday Mail

24 March 2019 - Fact-finding mission set to develop dinosaur tourism in Queensland, Mirage News 

14 February 2019 - Giant dinosaur trackway discovered in Queensland, Swinburne University of Technology

14 February 2019 - Groundbreaking dinosaur footprint discovery made in outback Queensland town, 9News

14 February 2019 - Giant dinosaur footprints found and saved from floods in Queensland, CNN

14 February 2019 - 100 million years in a creek bed in Australia's rugged Outback, Daily Mail

14 February 2019 - Giant dinosaur tracks discovery focuses global attention on Winton, Queensland Government

14 February 2019 - Tracks across time, ABC Science

14 February 2019 - Huge dinosaur track discovered in central west Queensland, narrowly saved from floodwaters, Weekly Times 

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8 November 2018 - Australia's best known carnivorous dinosaur is under the microscope at ANSTO, The Leader

18 September 2018 - North West tourism operators in running for Queensland awards, North West Star

6 July 2018 - Winton's Dinosaur Drive renamed in honour of former mayor, Butch LentonQueensland Country Life

6 July 2018 - Road to Winton's famed dinosaur attraction named after 'Butch' Lenton amid tourism boom, ABC News

2 May 2018 - Adventures with the dinosaurs in Winton, The Daily Advertiser

11 March 2018 - QBR discovers Queensland's dinosaur country, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation

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6 November 2017 - Great Night at the Outback Queensland Tourism Awards, The North West Star 

5 November 2017 - Big night at Queensland Outback Tourism Awards, The North West Star

24 October 2017 - Age of Dinosaurs Museum among 11 Outback Awards Nominees, The North West Star

27 September 2017 - Innovation prized on World Tourism Day, Queensland Government

11 September 2017 - Winton dinosaur expert Dr Stephen Poropat hopes to promote understanding of Australian dinosaurs, the North West Star

15 July 2017 - Dinosaur Canyon at Winton's Australian Age of Dinosaurs dig, The Australian 

10 July 2017 - New dinosaur tourist attraction to help Winton,Townsville Bulletin 

3 July 2017 - Significant dinosaur find in outback Queensland, Swinburne University

29 June 2017 - New dinosaur find at Winton expected to be Australia's most complete sauropod skeleton, Queensland Country Life 

27 June 2017 - Rare bones bring stampede of dinosaur experts to tiny Qld town, The Canberra Times

27 June 2017 - Dinosaur discovery in Winton could hold key to sauropods diet, ABC News

27 June 2017 - Dinosaur museum makes record breaking discovery, Northern Star

14 June 2017 - Dinosaur foot reconstruction fuels Cretaceous footprint debate, Cosmos

27 April 2017 - Winton gets new bitumen road to Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, The North West Star

27 April 2017 - Editorial, The North West Star

19 April 2017 - Dinosaur Canyon opens in Winton, Barossa Herald 

17 April 2017 - Western Queensland's paleo tourism offering expands with the opening of a new dinosaur attraction at Winton, Queensland Country Life

13 April 2017 -Dinosaur Canyon,  the new exhibit at Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, Blooloop

12 April 2017 - Open-air dinosaur museum opens in outback Queensland, 100 million years in the making, ABC Western Queensland. 

4 April 2017 - Conservatives and liberals united only by interest in dinosaurs, study shows, The Guardian 

21 March 2017 - Outback rides high, Courier Mail 

20 March 2017 -Winton Dinosaurs bringing tourists to outback townCourier Mail 

7 March 2017 - The cattle farmer who became a dinosaur hunter, BBC World Service

17 January 2017 - More Dinosaurs for Easter at Winton's AAOD, Longreach Leader

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13 November 2016 - Outback tourism operators feature in state awards, Queensland Country Life

12 November 2016 - Dinosaurs nab top tourism gong, Townsville Bulletin

11 November 2016 - State's best shine at Queensland Tourism Awards, QTIC

11 November 2016 - The Outback shines at the Queensland Tourism Awards, Outback Queensland

8 November 2016 - Outback tourism awards a winner for local businesses, Longreach Plus More

7 November 2016 - Outback tourism's night of nights, North Queensland Register

30 October 2016 - Researchers say giant dinosaurs travelled through Antarctica to reach AustraliaThe Columbus Dispatch

28 October 2016 - Meet Australia's dinosaur hunter, Doug MillerCatholic Leader

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